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Letter: Republicans had better get behind Trump now

Republicans had better get behind Trump now

Like it or not, the Republican voters of this fine country have made their decision for their presidential candidate: Donald Trump! This has caused a huge rift among the Republican politicians. With the presidential election less than five months away, like the Democrats who have to decided to unite and support Hillary Clinton as their presidential selection, all these influential Republicans must do the same for Trump.

A June 17 letter writer compared Trump to Archie Bunker. The writer didn’t like Trump’s suggestion about arming Japan and South Korea with their own nukes. In the last eight years, what has President Obama done about China and North Korea greatly improving their military might? Obviously, nothing. I think what Trump could be suggesting is that even by threatening to arm our allies, it might pressure China into forcing North Korea to get rid of its nukes.

As far as forbidding or putting a hold on immigrants coming from hostile, war-torn countries into the United States, it proves that Trump is well aware that the terrorists are already here. Remember Sept. 11, 2001? Al-Qaida operatives destroyed the Twin Towers in New York. Recently, a sympathizer senselessly murdered and maimed over 100 people in Orlando. Some, maybe all, people entering our country, regardless of their nationality, religion, etc., need to be thoroughly screened for our own safety.

Trump may be as subtle as a punch in the face and definitely needs to tone it down some, but he seems to prioritize the safety of our country and might make a much better president than Clinton, who many believe has many more lying, ill-doing skeletons in her closet than Trump, which the Democrats are desperately going to try to cover up. If the Republican Party doesn’t back him up, God forbid the possibility of another four years of an Obama-like presidency.

Kevin W. Dwyer