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Grannny scammer prone to violence threatens Newfane woman

NEWFANE – It was yet another case of the granny scam - when someone claiming to be a beloved grandchild calls and asks for help to bail them out of jail, or rescue them from some other disaster.

The caller tugs at heartstrings before grandma has a chance to make sense of what’s going on. But recently, the grandchild turned decidedly thug-like when he didn’t get his way.

A Newfane woman told Niagara County sheriff’s deputies she got a call at her home from someone claiming to be her grandson, Tyler, just before noon on Wednesday. She said Tyler asked her for $2,000 and advised her to send the money to him via an iTunes gift card.

The Newfane grandmother said that when she refused, the caller threatened to shoot her. The woman contacted the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office, which confirmed the caller was not the grandson..