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Basketball looms; Orchard Park board members can’t stop the game.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

That steady sound of basketballs pounding a new court at a private tennis and swim club could be the new reality for worried neighbors on Timberlake Drive in Orchard Park.

Whether a new basketball court could be put in beside the tennis courts at Eagle Ridge Recreation Association came up earlier this month at a Town Board meeting, and the association’s neighbors spoke out against the plan, citing concerns about noise and declining property values.

“There does not appear to be any violation of code,” said Mike Sherry, a Town Board member who spent more than two hours talking to club representatives Tuesday.

Club President Peter Phillips declined to comment by email, saying he would provide a written statement when the club was ready.

Eagle Ridge’s winding drive leads from Jewett Holmwood Road to the club grounds, which face the backyards of some Timberlake homes.

About a dozen neighbors have shared their fears with the Town Board. About 200 families are members of the club.

Sherry said the Planning Board will now be asked to review the details, but it seems that there’s nothing stopping the club from adding basketball courts.

“The restraint on the club’s part was their own,” Sherry said. “We have no authority to tell them not to.”

The variance the club received for its 1972 founding allowed recreation and, Sherry said, basketball qualifies as that. To double check that is the right conclusion, the Planning Board will delve into the matter more deeply, he said.