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Letter: Either enforce or raise Scajaquada speed limit

Either enforce or raise Scajaquada speed limit

Every morning I get on the Scajaquada at the Grant Street entrance and take it to Interstate 190. In the afternoon, I reverse it. Every morning, as I try to drive at 30 mph but push it to 35 mph, cars, trucks and school buses fly by at a much higher rate of speed. Trying to merge from the left lane to the right lane in the afternoon is especially difficult because of the cars coming from the 190 heading to the Scajaquada from the west.

This is a raised section of highway with no pedestrians. The people who speed are putting other people at risk because of weaving in and out of traffic.

Either enforce the speed limit or raise it at that section. I don’t care how many digital speed signs or painted speed limit signs you paint on the road, bad people are not going to obey it until they are caught. I’m tired of almost being rear ended or sideswiped daily because I obey the speed limit.

Jim Schara