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Falls robber draws five years in prison

LOCKPORT – A homeless man who committed four armed robberies in Niagara Falls and doesn’t remember them because of heavy drug use was sentenced Wednesday to five years in state prison.

Niagara County Judge Sara Sheldon tacked on three years of post-release supervision for Devonte C. Faultersack, 20, who settled the cases by pleading guilty to two counts of attempted second-degree robbery.

Defense attorney David J. Mansour said Faultersack had been homeless since age 12, bouncing between the homes of friends and relatives. Faultersack said he got drugs and alcohol from friends on the street; Mansour said at one point, Faultersack was using Xanax several times a day.

Sheldon said, “No matter how bad our childhood would be, we can’t carry that forward as adults and terrorize the community.”

Faultersack was charged with robbing Chu’s Restaurant on Main Street on Nov. 9; 7-Eleven stores on Niagara Street and Buffalo Avenue on Nov. 15; and the Indian General Store on Pine Avenue on Nov. 29. Assistant District Attorney Peter M. Wydysh said one of the store clerks victimized by Faultersack suffers from insomnia and a shoulder injury that won’t heal, and remains too frightened to return to work.