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City Hallways (June 22) Who is right, who is wrong?


Queen City Landing rendering

Only time will tell

There's occasionally an 8-to-1 or even 7-to-2 vote on the Common Council. But the 6-to-3 split that occurred over the Queen City Landing waterfront  tower Tuesday was pretty rare.

Still, it was a friendly disagreement.


Lovejoy's Rich Fontana  - part of the six-member majority - argued that the 23-story building is a good fit for the Outer Harbor, and it's size is in scale with its surroundings.

Niagara's Dave Rivera - who along with Fillmore's Dave Franczyk and North's Joe Golombek opposed the project - argued the building is too tall, and generally misplaced for its environment.

Who is right?

Check back in 2026, Fontana says.

"Maybe in 10 years, me and Dave Rivera will have a beer,  and one of us will say we made the right decision, and one the wrong," the Lovejoy Councilman said.

A path well traveled

The bike path that travels above Shoshone Park seems to be a hit with walkers and runners as well as bicyclists. The wheelchair bound also are enjoying the path.

But there's really no way for people in wheelchairs to safely get from the path down to the park.

So at the request of University Councilman Rasheed Wyatt, the city is installing an ADA ramp. The Council approved the project Tuesday.

Anyone can use the ramp to get to the park from the trail, but Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak asks that wheelchairs always be given the right of way.

Today's Calendar Items
BMHA tenant commissioner election recount this afternoon.

In today's Buffalo News and, I have article on Queen City Landing vote, and short on the BMHA restoring natural gas service to the Driftwood building at Marine Drive. My colleague Mark Sommer has piece on a condo development planned for Elmwood Avenue


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