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Power Take: A title for Cleveland nice, but one for Buffalo would be nicer

Tim Graham

I’m from Cleveland, not the suburbs or some area kind of near there. My family lived on the West Side. My mom went to Lincoln High. My dad was a cop on the East Side.

So I did my civic duty and followed the Cavaliers through their expected Eastern Conference championship and an improbable Game Seven against the Warriors.

When LeBron James blocked Andre Iguodala’s layup with 1:50 to play, and Kyrie Irving swished a critical three-pointer with 53 seconds left to nail down victory, I felt … Pretty much nothing.

That’s not the cynic in me. I feasted on drama while covering the Sabres’ glorious playoff runs in ’06 and ’07. I actually felt illness wash over me within minutes of filing my final story from Raleigh in ’06, a physical letdown after being propelled by a week’s-long rush.

Bully for you, Cleveland. You got your title. Your quest has been fulfilled.

But what I learned about myself Sunday is the next time a championship makes me happy will be when they’re celebrating in my hometown, Buffalo.