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Letter: Most support crackdown on drinking and driving

Most support crackdown on drinking and driving

A recent letter writer thinks police are infringing on his rights as a citizen because they stop drivers in a DWI roadblock. Really? My take on a roadblock is that it is a way to keep me, the public, safe from the irresponsible driver who drinks and drives. If the writer had a child hurt or maimed by a drunken driver, I wonder if his attitude would be the same.

He contends that the police are taking drinking and driving too seriously, e.g., ticketing someone sleeping in a car while drunk, and that the law that makes this act a crime somehow shouldn’t apply. If he thinks that driving a lawn mower while drunk is only a minor offense, then challenge the law and make legislative changes. But rest assured I fully support the laws concerning drinking and driving.

Excessive enforcement? Perhaps the writer has had occasion to be in the justice system and this discourse is the result of a DUI?

The fact that he supports an aggressive drunk being combative does indeed explain why drunken driving is being treated by the courts and many citizens as a minor incident. After all these years, isn’t it time to get very serious? And when ordered by an officer to comply, I suggest one should comply!

Richard G. Pearce