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Letter: Let’s work to preserve our great melting pot

Let’s work to preserve our great melting pot

In many Third World countries, those who do not follow the rule of conformity are often assaulted. We in America supposedly live in respect to all Americans by word of our Pledge of Allegiance under God.

Our acceptance of the melting pot theory – where all people of whatever national origin, religion, race, gender, age and lifestyle can live in peace – has once again been assaulted. It is only our ideals and beliefs of a united freedom to live in peace as one America that provides for us never to cease.

Mostly it is our survival to look inward to our own actions to continue forward without hatred, ridicule and demise. Surely all true Americans await temperance and peacefulness to overtake madness and violence that permeates itself worldwide.

As Romans of centuries ago witnessed brutality and murder in the coliseums, we must distinguish what is to be observed and not to be copied. Predators and murderers in infamous assaults need to be without public notoriety. They are an infection that must be eradicated.

Most importantly, moral fortitude and conviction through the understanding of God’s peace must be more focused upon by our law administrators and put forward to citizens as was originally put forward in our Constitution.

Russell D. Ward