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Letter: More gun laws will not make Americans safer

More gun laws will not make Americans safer

The massacre in Orlando brings up the issue of gun control. There is a huge problem with an assertion that the laws are too lax. The Democrats are calling for more background checks as a remedy. However, the murderer passed a background check and obtained a pistol permit. It is strange that this could happen because he already had a history of being investigated and interviewed by the FBI. Yet he was not put in the NICS (instant background check system). He was able to purchase a rifle and handgun.

In New York, honest citizens can be denied the right to buy guns if they go to a hospital or see a doctor and get reported as being “a danger to themselves or others’’ by persons who often are not psychologists or medical doctors. It is only an opinion with no proper documentation and can be a false report. There is no due process and the person loses all gun rights. No charges, no arrests, no hearing before a judge. Regardless, they lose four constitutional and civil rights and are put in the NICS base.

The system is flawed and does not protect Americans from the criminal misuse of guns because criminals don’t obey laws. If denied, they can get a gun easily by illegal means.

The reason the massacre occurred is that the evil criminal had guns, but there were no honest citizens in the club who had the means (a gun) to stop the carnage. Something is wrong with the laws. Self-defense is the original do-it-yourself job.

Budd Schroeder

Chairman, Shooters Committee On Political Education (SCOPE)