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Letter: Hypocritical conservatives have blood on their hands

Hypocritical conservatives have blood on their hands

There are 49 dead in Orlando and 53 wounded and America has decided: Islamic terrorism did this! Never mind that the FBI can find no real link between Omar Mateen and ISIS. Never mind that ISIS, usually so quick to claim its victories, said nothing about Mateen until his boastful phone call leaked. Never mind that his parents, friends and family say he’s homophobic and not very religious – Islamic terrorism is the problem.

So says Ted Cruz, who was introduced at his party’s events by Ron Swanson, a preacher calling for homosexuality to be a capital crime. Condolences, says Rick Scott, whose state allows the Pulse shooting victims to be fired in their hospital beds for their homosexuality, who has never shown much concern for the Latino LGBT community that frequented Pulse, who disdains gay marriage. Thoughts and prayers, says Reince Priebus, whose party has imbedded in its platform the erosion of LGBT rights. Donald Trump gloats over being proved right: a not very religious, American-born, American-raised man named Omar did the deed.

And then there are the 49 dead and the 53 wounded. There’s the gay community barred from donating blood to help its fallen comrades, because of laws that stigmatize every member as AIDS plague rats. Forty-nine martyred bodies have not yet cooled and the people who have built their political careers on gunrunning and LGBT oppression wash their hands of the blood and prepare pogroms. Forty-nine dead, 53 wounded and a whole community dying from the efforts of “conservative values.” Look in the mirror, Ted, Reince, Rick, Donald: I think you will see Omar staring back.

Chloe Fisher