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Walden Galleria to hold lockdown drill Tuesday

The Walden Galleria will practice an emergency lockdown drill Tuesday at 10:15 a.m.

The mall’s employees, security team and Cheektowaga Police will participate in the drill. They’ll practice responding to an event that might spur an emergency lockdown, such as an act of terror or mass shooting.

The mall runs the drills regularly. Frequency is important to be sure employees are familiar with the procedures and can react to a situation properly, according to Marissa Romano, the mall’s marketing director.

Romano cited “recent events” for the latest drill.

The mall will be open during the drill, with customers present, so that employees can simulate the situation in as realistic a setting as possible.

During the drill, there will be a large police presence in the mall. Retailers might also close their gates to practice “shelter in place” procedures.

A loudspeaker alert will inform customers that the drill is taking place.