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City Hallways (June 20) Is Fruit Belt parking plan the first of many?

Parking plan response: Me, too

When Council members weeks ago were discussing the Fruit Belt residential permit parking plan, there seemed to be a recognition that a green light from Albany for the Fruit Belt could open the door for similar requests from other neighborhoods affected by the expanding Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

It was just a short time after The Buffalo News posted a story on the Fruit Belt bill's being approved that I noticed this comment:

"Still no word on what you're doing about parking for the more population-dense western side of the medical campus.

"Those of us west of Main have had a difficult enough time managing parking during construction of the UB medical school, but what's it going to be like when construction workers are replaced with a fully functioning school, new hospital, and Conventus building?"

In other words, the requests are on their way.

And the winner is: 

A total of 743 votes were cast in the recent Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority's tenant commissioners election.

Since voters were asked to select two tenant commissioners among six candidates, that's not a lot of people voting -- perhaps around 400 -- from the 24 BMHA complexes housing some 10,000 people (not all of voting age).

The top vote-getter, Leonard Williams, led the field with 175 votes. Robin Edwards was second with 144 votes.

Both Williams and Edwards live in the Kenfield-Langfield homes.

Also with BMHA, latest on the gas situation on Marine Drive 

The gas dryers are working again, but last I heard gas stoves remained off at one of the Marine Drive buildings while crews continue checking every gas line and stove in each of the building's 88 units.

The Housing Authority recognizes the inconvenience of all this to its largely low-income -- some very low-income -- tenants, and it distributed food vouchers to many tenants over the weekend, allowing them to get a hot meal at the Marine Market on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Today's calendar items

  • EMS board scheduled meeting this morning on Rural Metro ambulance response times.
  • Common Council pre-meeting Caucus this afternoon.

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