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Letter: U.S. citizens don’t need to have assault weapons

U.S. citizens don’t need to have assault weapons

Schools. Churches. Clinics. Fast-food restaurants. Movie theaters. Clubs. Colleges. Army bases. What is the common denominator here? They are no longer safe places and it isn’t because of any particular religious orientation or political persuasion except one: the insistence on the ability, the “right” to bear arms, to own and use guns. But these weapons are not what the Founding Fathers understood or envisioned; they are not muskets that can shoot once and need to be reloaded.

Why does the average citizen need an assault weapon? Why does any hunter need a weapon that can discharge dozens of rounds on that desired deer? To limit access to weapons used in these mass shootings does not have to infringe on the right to own a gun – just the kinds of weapons used to exterminate multiple innocent human beings.

Joyce Kessel