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Letter: Housing Authority must improve Perry complex

Housing Authority must improve Perry complex

The News article on deplorable conditions at the Perry complex made my blood boil. Spending $450,000 a year to heat 61 of the 330 units because of an outdated heating system is difficult for me to grasp. The Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority not being responsible to tenant complaints is unacceptable. The 41 acres should be bulldozed and suitable housing set up for the remaining residents.

The people who complain about the height of the long-abandoned Freezer Queen property should take a tour of the Perry complex. Donn Esmonde’s column stated the proposed Buchheit building on the waterfront will stand out like an upraised middle finger. Obviously Esmonde is not traveling South Park Avenue on his way to the Outer Harbor. Tell me, Donn, what salute do you suggest for the BMHA?

Peggy Riter

West Seneca