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Letter: Do Americans really want a bully as their president?

Do Americans really want a bully as their president?

When are some Americans going to wake up? Donald Trump is never going to change his personality or the manner in which he treats people. His brutal assumptions concerning women are deeply ingrained in his upbringing. A child who is spoiled in his formative years and shipped by parents to expensive private schools grows up without any concern for others. Such a child never believes he should treat other people with respect and love. It is impossible for the child to turn out to be other than a bully. Is this what thousands of Americans want for a president?

Wake up, America. Get off the crybaby train about how life is so tough today. We have witnessed more miserable times, like the Great Depression or World War II, when 400,000 men and women died for this land and our freedom. Let us not leave our children and grandchildren with the likes of Trump.

Joanne Urtel