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Summer living isn't easy for the Bandits

What do the Bandits do when they aren't playing for the Bandits. In most cases, they are playing somewhere else.

The good folks at have put together a long, long list of where everyone in the National Lacrosse League is playing this summer. It's worth a look. Here's where the Bandits are these days, just in case you want to take a drive in the next few weeks to see your favorite player:

Billy Dee Smith – Six Nations Chiefs (MSL)
Kevin Brownell – Brooklin Redmen (MSL)
Mark Steenhuis – Peterborough Lakers (MSL)
Mitch de Snoo – Oakville Rock (MSL)
David Brock – Six Nations Chiefs (MSL)
Ryan Benesch – Six Nations Chiefs (MSL)
Chad Culp – Peterborough Lakers (MSL)
Nick Weiss – Peterborough Lakers (MSL)
Tyler Ferreira – Brampton Excelsiors (MSL)
Andrew Watt – Six Nations Chiefs (MSL)
Steve Priolo – Brooklin Redmen (MSL)
Mitch Jones – New Westminster Salmonbellies (WLA)
Daryl Veltman – None
Anthony Cosmo – Brampton Excelsiors (MSL)
Mitch Wilde – Brooklin Redmen (MSL)
Dave DiRuscio – Cobourg Kodiaks (MSL)
Alex-Kedoh Hill Six Nations Chiefs (MSL), Tyendinaga Thunderbirds (QSLL)
Jay Thorimbert – Six Nations Chiefs (MSL)
Dhane Smith – Rochester Rattlers (MLL), Six Nations Chiefs (MSL)
Anthony Malcom – New Westminster Salmonbellies (WLA)

I overheard someone ask one of the Bandits about MSL (Major Series Lacrosse) and its finances. The questioner said he's seen MSL highlights in which the building seems, um, less than full. The Bandit replied that most of the salary money that's available goes to the stars. The rest of the players are there to sharpen their skills in a game they love without much compensation.

By the way, Steve Dietrich is the GM at Six Nations, while Rich Kilgour is head coach and John Tavares is an assistant coach there. The Six Nations arena is a couple of hours away from Buffalo.

Thank you,

-- Budd Bailey

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