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Letter: Was it really necessary to ticket festivalgoers?

Was it really necessary to ticket festivalgoers?

Welcome to Buffalo! We hope you have enjoyed the Allentown Art Festival, one of the largest art shows in the country and a large tourist draw to our city. In appreciation for attending, here is a $30 parking ticket. This is what hundreds of visitors received on their windshields at last weekend’s Allentown Art Festival.

What is wrong with this city? Is it so strapped for money it must collect on the backs of those who are attending one of its biggest annual attractions? What an incredible slap in the face to visitors. Parking is impossible anywhere close to Allentown due to the thousands in attendance and many people, including myself, were forced to park on the wrong side of a street that has alternate parking.

I saw an entire street full of people in the same predicament and all were ticketed – on a Sunday no less. My handicapped brother was ticketed as well, and his vehicle has handicap plates. I can assure Mayor Byron Brown that many of us will no longer attend this festival.

Harry Schultz