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Letter: President should be proud of his legacy

President should be proud of his legacy

To the letter writer who characterized President Obama as one who is symbolic of a king: The justification of such an assertion makes no sense.

The epithet “King of America” portrayed fanaticism and not actualities of one of America’s greatest leaders. As a reminder to the writer, the president’s job approval rating is now approaching 52 percent, higher than President Ronald Reagan reached near the end of his term.

Let us review Obama’s major accomplishments, soon to be enrolled in his legacy: saving the auto industry from bankruptcy; approving funds to save Planned Parenthood; passing legislation providing 18 million people with health care through the Affordable Care Act; strategizing with his staff the assassination of Osama bin Laden, sorcerer of 9/11; signing an executive order on LGBT equality; restoring the economy to a rate of 5 percent unemployment; establishing low-interest loans for middle- and low-income students; meeting consistently with foreign leaders to discuss world peace.

If the writer wishes to consider him a “king,” a position of one who quite often sits on a throne, that’s his choice. But to millions of Americans, our president has no throne – he’s too busy for one.

Joseph R. Tomasulo