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Letter: Companies must take steps to keep their employees safe

Companies must take steps to keep their employees safe

Recently, while replacing the roof on our office building, we had some asbestos removed from the top of the building. According to management, everything was done according to the rules set for asbestos removal. But while the roofing company was working on June 3, it set off the fire alarm.

The building employees were vacated while the roofing company employees stayed on the roof. Fire trucks showed up because this was not a drill. Some of the building employees had to walk through a back hallway covered in plaster dust with particles floating in the air. What was this? Were we safe walking through this mess?

Then on June 9, late in the afternoon, we started smelling natural gas. I sent an email to management that afternoon to notify it of this issue and received no acknowledgement. It was not addressed until 11:23 the next morning, after gas had leaked into the upstairs office area all night. When you opened the upstairs door, the gas smell was very evident. None of the windows in our office building opens, so there is no way to air it out.

Fire officials and the gas company were called. We were not instructed in any way as to what to do about this situation. A lot of employees left with headaches, itchy eyes, sore throats and used their own time.

This was not a safe work environment and I feel that our officials are not looking out for the best interests of their employees.

Ann Marie Kurasz