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Letter: Caveman technology yields zero energy ready homes

Caveman technology yields zero energy ready homes

A recent news article extols 21st century building technologies. Materials like spray foam help produce zero energy ready homes, which require very little added energy.

Before there was spray foam, there was rock. If we go back just a bit along the 13.7 billion year cosmic time line, we could observe that cavepeople lived in zero energy ready homes.

Made of rock, these homes were comfortable without adding much energy. Rock’s thermal storage properties kept cavepeople warm in winter, and cool in summer. Like today’s zero energy ready homes, renewables were added as needed.

Currently, smart humans everywhere rediscover the advantages of living in rock (concrete block) homes. Fire-proof, storm-safe, durable, low maintenance, secure, quiet and comfortable, today’s rock homes display modern touches like straight walls and door openings.

Recently, concrete blocks further evolved. Blocks can resemble a concrete sandwich, with insulation between two layers of rock. Rock on the inside wall keeps humans warm in winter and cool in summer. Insulation in the middle of a wall keeps energy in the home, while rock on the exterior makes the home attractive, safe and durable. Insulated concrete blocks save tremendous amounts of money and energy. Are you zero energy ready?

Marty J. Walters