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It seems to us: Royal statement, county workers need to spiff up and movie star turns tourist

Prince William, aka the Duke of Cambridge, put himself out front – on the cover of Attitude, a gay magazine. The prince took time out from his busy schedule in an effort to show young people that gay bashing and bullying is not OK. The cover was reportedly planned weeks before a mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla. That horrific crime killed 49.

The prince was following a family tradition of giving voice to the mistreated. His brother, Prince Harry, spoke out for gender equality while on a visit to Nepal in March. Their late mother, Diana, the princess of Wales, shook hands with an HIV-positive man in 1987, something unheard of at the time. She would be proud of her sons.

The Erie County fashion police are on the prowl and happy to provide tips on proper dress to 4,000 white-collar employees. In fact, they insist.

As reported in The News, county honchos have begun enforcing a dress code: sneakers with jeans, no problem; sneakers with khakis, not so much.

What prompted the attempt to return to the buttoned-down past? Workers showing up wearing pajama pants and athletic wear, and a complaint from a judge about badly dressed county employees showing up in court.

Because a few workers treated every day as dress-down Friday, all workers (county library system and Erie Community College staffers included) will have to be spruced up. If the problem persists, Erie County can offer to host an episode of “Fashion Police.”

Hey, Kate Hudson! Heard you’re blowing up your Snapchat account with lots of tourist-stop pics while in town shooting the film “Marshall.” Well, put down those chicken wings (we know they’re tasty). There’s lots more to do besides riding the Maid of the Mist (also a favorite for Brad Pitt awhile back).

How about taking in the Darwin Martin House, as rockers Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts did while in town for a concert? Or acting the part of art critic like “the Boss” (Bruce Springsteen) did when he stopped in to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery?

You should at least stop by Canalside and Snapchat Shark Girl. There’s lots more to see and do when not filming. Pass the word to the rest of the crew.