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Power Take: NLL needs to cut back on its overly long season

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer in the northern parts of the U.S. and Canada. It’s a time when people like to get outside and enjoy warm weather.

The National Lacrosse League should learn that.

Its season, including training camp and playoffs, crossed the six-month mark this weekend, and there’s still a week or two left. That’s too long. It needs to end before Memorial Day.

Where can weeks be shed? I see three ways:

• Make the division finals best-of-one at the division winner’s building instead of best-of-two. Mini-games are dramatic, but they are no way to settle a playoff series.

• Reduce the season to 16 games from its current 18. It would cut the season by a week, and have one less back-to-back set of games in a weekend. Fewer revenues would come in, but expenses would drop and the quality of play might improve.

• Start the season a week earlier. Anytime after Christmas probably works nicely.

Sometimes in sports, less is more. The NLL should stop fighting the seasonal calendar.