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Letter: Why is Collins trying to spin Trump’s words?

Why is Collins trying to spin Trump’s words?

“What are we going to build? A wall! Who’s going to pay for it? Mexico!” That’s right. It’s going to happen. Donald Trump said so. And Trump is a rock star with those flashy red ties and that really cool hairstyle. Trump always tells the truth. Why I once almost got his autograph at one of his rallies.

So what’s Rep. Chris Collins doing talking about a “virtual” wall? How is that going to keep the illegals out? Maybe Collins ought to go to Trump’s university. Then he’d learn a thing or two about our hero.

When Trump says so, people listen. And he would never lie to us adoring fans. So get used to it, American nonbelievers. Get the bricks ready. Line up the buses. By the way, how many buses does it take to carry 12 million people?

George McNally