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Letter: Dirty train stations leave bad impression

Dirty train stations leave bad impression

As an infrequent traveler on the Metro Rail, I had the occasion to park at the University at Buffalo South Campus to ride the train downtown. I was quite dismayed at the condition and filth of the bus loop and the cleanliness of the track area.

It appears that the tunnel walls have not been cleaned since the subway opened in the ’80s. Also, I noticed peeling paint and a lack of care at several of the stops as the doors opened and closed along the way.

For an organization that prides itself on the pristine airport and its surroundings, the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority apparently does not care that our mini subway stations look worse than any I have seen in New York City, where millions travel daily. Some of the windfall money from the sale of property on the waterfront could be directed to upgrade these conditions. The building of hotels, lofts and new stores are critical to the revitalization of our city, so if Buffalo hopes to attract tourism, the condition of public transportation should be a priority. Otherwise, the word will get out that this area is less than the first-class city that we are trying to portray. Clean up your act, NFTA.

Scott Gorton