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Grand Island man gets two years for breaking into home, terrorizing residents

Before he was sentenced in State Supreme Court Tuesday morning, convicted burglar Timothy L. Mulvey told the judge that he was “humbled” by his arrest and conviction, and hoped for another chance to do well.

Defense attorney Terrance Brennan said he had witnessed Mulvey’s descent into drug abuse and criminal behavior and told the judge that, should the 30-year-old Grand Island man receive less that the two-year maximum for his attempted burglary conviction, his father planned to send him to work in Alaska.

Justice Penny M. Wolfgang preferred to look at the bigger picture.

“You know who this is a happy day for?” she asked. “All the residents of Grand Island who were so terrorized when you and your friend were breaking into their house. They’re happy you were caught.”

Wolfgang said she wanted to go on the record about what happened to make sure the two-year prison term she was handing down was not misunderstood.

She told how Mulvey donned a Tyvek suit and face mask and went to a house claiming to be an inspector from the water authority who was looking for mold problems.

“You asked the resident to see the pipes in the basement and while down there you hit him in the back of the head,” Wolfgang said. “When you went back upstairs you told the (woman resident) ‘This is a robbery’ – and we’re supposed to be all sympathetic to this because you’re on drugs?”

The robbery occurred Sept. 23 on West River Road in Grand Island, and sheriff’s officials believe Mulvey may be responsible for other break-ins in the area, including at a local gym. He was arrested Sept. 28.

Earlier in 2015, Mulvey was arrested in March after a neighbor reported seeing him shooting up heroin in a driveway.

After sentencing Mulvey to two years in prison on Tuesday, Wolfgang concluded by telling him: “You should definitely get drug counseling while you are in custody, and you should definitely move to Alaska when you get out.”