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Letter: Democratic policies benefit middle class

Democratic policies benefit middle class

The Republicans’ plan from the day President Obama took office was to stall, delay and obstruct. Their tea party cry of “no big government” was an effort to make the federal government powerless to have any effect on their states’ rights and rules, then enjoy their power to make laws, change laws and have control over people in each state concerning guns, abortion, welfare, health care, education, immigration and other issues they want complete control over.

Their utterance of “take America back” and “make America great again” is their way of saying “we want control.” Republican politicians are always guaranteed that they will have enough politically uneducated voters to keep them in office to continue their agenda of catering to the wealthy.

Everything Obama did the last eight years to help the economy was with the middle class in mind. Hillary Clinton will continue the liberal/Democratic agenda of peace and prosperity.

Richard Ricupito