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Letter: Circuses should drop archaic animal acts

Circuses should drop archaic animal acts

I was disappointed to hear that Canalside will be hosting a circus that features animals. While the Universoul Circus does have fantastic and skilled human performers, unfortunately, it still has unwilling animal participants. Even the co-founder and former ringmaster, “Casual” Cal Dupree, has been quoted as saying: “The circus teaches children to disrespect animals.”

The Universoul Circus can prevail with its spectacular and traditional performances without animals. Ringling Bros. has made the ethical decision to no longer have elephants in its show. It is long overdue for all circuses that still have animals to follow suit.

With all the wonderful progress Canalside has made for the area, why would we want to take a step backward and have an event that will feature archaic animal performances?

Anna Lukaszewicz