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Power Take: Media policy means more to fans than to the media

It was only a matter of time, once shock from the stupidity and subsequent controversy involving the Bills’ new media policy subsided, before eternal loyalists began making excuses for the organization. It’s what fans do when they think their favorite team does very little wrong.

One popular question: Organized Team Activities mean nothing, anyway, so who really cares if EJ Manuel throws a ball into the parking lot in May? Answer: you care. Maybe it’s not Manuel specifically or you individually, but it’s the Bills in general and you as a member of the Buffalo sports audience.

Many reporters covering the Bills on a regular basis would rather not stand on the sidelines for two hours to watch players stretch, run around and play catch and learn about offensive and defensive plays. The media doesn’t need a Bills fix. It provides a fix for NFL junkies who can’t get enough.

Whatever the public outcry, it would be infinitely worse if the media stayed home. People blame the messenger and suggest spring ball doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to me. It matters to you. That’s why the new policy should, too.