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Letter: Who’s truly concerned for suffering patients?

Who’s truly concerned for suffering patients?

The News article, “Pain, pills and the doctor in the middle,” quotes several patients or their families who felt they were being overmedicated or were having serious side effects. Everyone reacts to medication differently. Every script comes with information regarding the drug and its effects. A serious side effect needs to be reported to the doctor immediately. Signs of overmedication also need to be brought to the doctor’s attention.

As a patient, I have had many episodes of severe pain. On occasion, being that I live alone, Dr. Eugene Gosy specified that a family member had to pick up my prescription and observe daily my pain level and any side effects. Each patient has a pain management plan. Treatment is discussed and patients have a say in it. My plan revolves around epidural and sacroiliac joint injections. Gosy is the only one in the office who can administer these, along with other spinal injections.

Independent Health and other insurance companies were quick to cancel the doctor’s contract although he was still able to practice medicine. They left all of these patients who depend on the injections scrambling. In my case, they keep my medications at a low level. Will other patients now need an opiate prescription or an increase due to the insurers’ not thinking of these patients and procedures? The medical community as a whole has done a disservice to all of Gosy’s patients.

Kathleen Campbell