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Letter: We have to protect children’s innocence

We have to protect children’s innocence

Equal rights! Forcing school districts to allow transgender students to select which lavatory, shower or locker room they use because they declare himself/herself to be female/male is a terrible edict on the part of our president.

At what age should young children be “exposed” to body parts different from their own? Young boys/girls sharing showers? And what about the obvious possibility of pranksters (remember when you were in middle school?) or, even worse, perverse students who choose to test this edict? Are teachers going to be responsible for monitoring who uses which facility? Is there any consideration to children who are sensitive, shy or legitimately afraid of situations like these?

In some public venues, there are family or single-occupancy lavatories. Is the federal government going to pay for such facilities in our schools if that’s what a district decides is the best solution? No, they will just be penalized if they don’t comply.

Please call, write and vote for common sense. Our first consideration should be for our children and the protection of their innocence. We all deserve equal rights no matter our religion, race or sexual orientation, but our government is now allowing some to have rights that trample on others’.

JoAnn Gioeli

North Tonawanda