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Letter: Obama ought to focus on more serious issues

Obama ought to focus on more serious issues

Reading The News on a regular basis, most would assume that the most important, pressing and critical issues facing us as a nation might be the threat of domestic terrorism, the shrinking middle class, infrastructure decay or perhaps even the increasing student debt fiasco facing new grads.

The president, however, via executive action, clearly identified the most important issue to him, that being the bathroom rights of transgender students. A recent article in The News had this administration comparing the transgender issue to the “whites only” bathrooms of our segregated past. Apparently the administration wants us to believe that tens of thousands of transgender students wander the campuses in search of bathroom equality. Accordingly the White House, as usual, allows the rights of a tiny minority to trump any concerns of the majority.

Hyperbolic rhetoric of this nature and unwarranted presidential interference undermine the principles of a representative democracy.

Gary Rog