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Letter: Gosy is an excellent, compassionate doctor

Gosy is an excellent, compassionate doctor

Recently, public officials have been quoted in The News as characterizing Dr. Eugene Gosy’s patients as “addicts” who should be in “rehab.” That is not only cruel but false.

My wife has been a patient for about five years and I have seen the patients who come and go in his waiting room. The twisted and bent bodies of people helped by Gosy are a testament to the good he provides to our community.

Gosy is an excellent medical practitioner. His staff members are pleasant, well-trained medical professionals. The doctor is punctual, conservative in dispensing prescriptions and kind. He is also hardworking. For example, last Memorial Day weekend my wife was hospitalized in Kenmore Mercy and Gosy was at her bedside three mornings in a row before 8 a.m.

I suggest that the U.S. attorney get his act together, drop all criminal charges and nominate Gosy as citizen of the year for all the good he does.

Thomas F. McDonald

Town of Tonawanda