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It seems to us: Buffalo’s mini-Shaw Fest, Bills unveil guide to happiness and Egyptian ink

Here’s a binational win-win for the Niagara Frontier: Starting in September, the Shaw Festival, whose home is across the river in Niagara-on-the-Lake, will begin a five-year partnership with Western New York, moving productions to 710 Main for two weeks after the company’s season wraps up each fall.

The arrangement should help Shaw attract a larger New York audience while also giving a valuable boost to 710 Main and its parent, Shea’s Performing Arts Center. It’s so natural a fit for two big theatrical towns only an hour’s drive apart, you wonder why it never happened before. Never mind. It looks like a terrific addition to the local theater scene.

The Buffalo Bills have decided to ease the sting players feel from missing the playoffs for 16 straight years by joining the “everybody gets a trophy” movement. That’s the theory that failure cannot be acknowledged because it will destroy self-esteem, leading to presenting trophies to losing teams or, worse, not even keeping score. This happy-at-all-costs attitude allows fictional Lake Wobegone to believe that every student is above average.

The Bills haven’t resorted to handing out trophies to all their players, but the team has acted to prevent fans from learning of any self-esteem-damaging information about the players.

In new rules released to the media, the Bills prohibit reporters at practices from revealing whether someone is playing with the first, second or third string (apparently players would be crushed to find out they’re second-stringers), and who dropped a pass or threw an interception.

Maybe the team should just go the trophy route.

From the Everything Old Is New Again file: Researchers examining the mummified remains of a 3,000-year-old woman say she is decorated with tattoos.

Next thing we’ll be hearing about ancient Egyptian bathroom wars. Just saying.