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Letter: State should not legalize use of ‘linked’ snare traps

State should not legalize use of ‘linked’ snare traps

As a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, I have rescued and released many injured animals throughout Erie and Niagara counties. Therefore, I was surprised and alarmed to learn of Albany’s unjustifiable plan to legalize the use of “linked” snare traps across most of New York State. Officials rightfully banned inhumane snares and all other traps with a noose decades ago.

This bill, S.2953c/A.9462a, would move our state backward in terms of both animal welfare and wildlife management. These new snares will not control wildlife populations or reduce conflicts with humans. With only days left in the legislative session, please call your state legislators today and urge them to oppose this bill, which is not based on science and would do much more harm than good to both wildlife and our communities.

Christine Hutten

North Tonawanda