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Letter: Planned high-rise will imperil migratory birds

Planned high-rise will imperil migratory birds

It’s a fact, Buffalo sits amidst a major migratory bird path, running along Lake Erie’s shoreline. This air space that birds instinctively follow is vital to their survival and has been since the lake was formed. Such is the reality of our waterfront.

Enter the proposed, 23-story complex on the Outer Harbor. This structure will injure or kill a good number of migratory birds, most of which fly at night, unaware of tall buildings and attracted to lights. Buildings are a major cause of their death and threaten their extinction. For birds in flight during the day, under foggy conditions, the building will become invisible. When it becomes significantly windy, some will have a hard time controlling their direction and will be forced into the building. Can these risks be avoided?

With this in mind, unless proven that the building will pose no threat to them, it’s irresponsible to place it in their path. They are living creatures. There are some things in this world that are actually more important than money. The decisions made will prove Buffalo as a place willing or unwilling to protect wildlife.

The city has plenty of land in need of regenerating not far from the waterfront for monetary growth. But there is only one piece of natural land near the water which, in my opinion, belongs to nature and the public, used in a manner that is knowledgeable and mindful of nature’s complexities and needs.

Judy Catalano

Adirondack Mountain Club

Niagara Frontier Chapter