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Power Take: Whaley misspoke, but Bills have lost benefit of the doubt

It’s never a good sign when someone releases a statement to clear up previous statements, but that’s where Bills GM Doug Whaley sat earlier this week. First, he told WGR radio that football is a game “I don’t think humans are supposed to play.” A day later, he pleaded guilty to poor word choices.

Whaley meant to say the human body shouldn’t be able to withstand the punishment that comes with playing in the NFL. Football is a violent sport at its highest level. Oversized players grow bigger and stronger every year. Given the physics involved, you wonder how much players can take.

It was a poor choice of words, nothing more. Sometimes, people say things that don’t always come out the way they were intended. We’ve all been there. I’ve made more regrettable comments in the past week that I would care to admit. But I’m not an NFL general manager.

Whaley is like many working along One Bills Drive who have lost the benefit of the doubt. People long ago grew fatigued by nonsense spewed from the organization. Therefore, when the Bills say something asinine, they invite criticism.