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Letter: Aggressive prosecution leaves patients suffering

Aggressive prosecution leaves patients suffering

I speak with firsthand knowledge of Dr. Eugene Gosy’s pain treatment practice. The public should know that prescriptions are issued for 30 days or less supply only, with no refills allowed. The patient’s pharmacy must contact the doctor’s office to request a new prescription and it is sent electronically; there is no such thing as just calling for scripts as alleged. Thus one patient, who might be taking three medications, would account for 36 prescriptions over a single year.

The doctor’s office verifies that the patient is actually taking the prescribed drugs by means of mandatory toxicology and urine tests as well as periodic pill counts, and fill dates are precisely determined so that not one extra pill accrues. A personal appointment with a nurse practitioner every two or three months is also required to monitor progress and slowly lessen medication dependency when warranted.

I believe that U.S. Attorney William J. Hochul Jr., in his aggressive prosecution of Gosy, is directly responsible, perhaps unwittingly, for the health crisis now facing Western New York and the 9,500 active patients of Gosy & Associates. Also apparently equally complicit in the debacle are U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Resident Agent John P. Flickinger and U.S. Magistrate H. Kenneth Schroeder Jr. Note that all three are federal appointments and the individuals are subject to removal for cause.

The overzealous vilification of Gosy, in addition to precipitating the health care crisis, has caused immense anxiety and discomfort for many of Gosy’s already fragile patients, some of whom are undoubtedly exhibiting signs of withdrawal due to the forced cessation of their medications. Gosy is clearly not Dr. Feel-Good, nor is Gosy & Associates a “pill mill.”

Peter P. Schifferli