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Letter: Replace old Freezer Queen with beautiful new building

Replace old Freezer Queen with beautiful new building

The old Freezer Queen building should come down without delay. For years, people left Buffalo for greener pastures and for lack of reasons to stay. For just as many years, we have bemoaned the stagnant state of our waterfront. Now, both tides are turning. People are coming to visit and, just as important, they are coming back here to live. In South Buffalo alone, the housing market is particularly strong.

The waterfront is now becoming a point of pride. In just the last few weeks, a new restaurant opened in the old Dug’s Dive property, which is a great step. We have a chance to build on that project in a dramatic way. Developing the old Freezer Queen site will bring more people and energy to the site, which brings more people to the water. That’s exactly what we want to see. Why would we want to leave an eyesore standing on our waterfront? The building is a disgrace. The owner wants to move forward with plans for a beautiful building where people could live and bring activity to the area. Instead, people want to save a piece of concrete blight in a prominent waterfront location. That’s not what we want or need in our city. It’s time to move forward.

Elizabeth O’Brien