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Letter: Malone disappoints many with transgender remarks

Malone disappoints many with transgender remarks

The recent comments of Bishop Richard Malone on the transgender bathroom issue are troubling. He is the titular head of the Catholic Church in Western New York, a church dedicated to protecting minorities and promoting morality with sensitivity and compassion. Instead, he derides President Obama’s directive on gender identity and wants to allow the political process to determine what is fair and just in this circumstance.

I am sure that similar sentiments were popular when the morality of racial prejudice was discussed, or when biracial marriage was banned, or when women’s equality was suggested. I believe that the church should be leading and not following.

Malone’s statement that “the young need to be helped to accept their own body as it was created” is so misapplied. It is my understanding that transgendered people are doing exactly that, coming to grips with how their entire being was created. Does Malone believe that all aspects of gender are contained only in a person’s genitalia? Perhaps he doesn’t recognize the transgender state of life.

Many schools and businesses have adopted the “you are who you say you are” policy for bathrooms without any reported incidents. Even the governor of North Carolina admitted that there are no reported incidents of attacks by men dressed as women anywhere in America.

Robert McGowan