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Power Take: Golf should be a sport that’s all about inclusion

Progress in golf is measured in inches, not miles.

So while the recent decision by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club to remove Muirfield from the rotation of Open Championship venues because of the club’s refusal to admit female members should be applauded, it’s also a sign of just how far the sport has to come to remove the stigma of exclusivity that hangs over it.

The idea that women shouldn’t be allowed at a golf club because of their gender is baffling in how backward it is. True, Muirfield is a private club and its members can do as they please, but if they cared about anything other than themselves, they’d realize just how damaging their decision is.

It will simply further the belief that golf is played by a certain segment of the population (read: old, male and white) whose members are unwilling to share it with anyone else. That’s a shame. As someone who dearly loves the game, it’s sad to think that women, or a minority child, would refuse to play the sport because they didn’t feel welcome. It’s the exact opposite of what the game should be all about.