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Letter: We must fight to preserve city’s heritage architecture

We must fight to preserve city’s heritage architecture

I grew up in Buffalo and always thought of it as a city filled with amazing places. Parks, beautiful buildings and amazing old homes built by legendary architects. However, now when I find myself driving through Buffalo, especially the downtown and North Park areas, I am struck by how much of the classic Buffalo is being torn down to make way for the “new and improved” Buffalo. Which, of course, means that our heritage architecture is increasingly being denied preservation status by a Common Council that is increasingly showing that it is more influenced by the big bucks of developers than by maintaining the true beauty of Buffalo – a city that has its roots in its classic buildings.

Many of these buildings that have faced the wrecking ball were true beauties and will never be seen again anywhere and should have been saved. The beauty of this city has always been the ability to blend the new with the classic. Now the unfortunate trend is to build these grotesque glass and steel megastructures over the remains of beauty. It’s time for the preservationists to rise up and fight harder to save this city from corporate and Council greed. What is being destroyed cannot be replaced.

Karen Jones