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Apartment tower doesn’t belong on the waterfront

I am in favor of a model like Chicago’s, where there is no residential development on the lake side of Lake Shore Drive, just 20 or so miles of beautifully landscaped parks and beaches, with scattered museums. I might mention that Lake Shore Drive has a landscaped median in many places, some traffic lights and a lower speed limit than our current expressways – something else to emulate.

Our waterfront should all be public space, but of course our elected officials have allowed creeping encroachment on it for decades, and before then there was dirty industry. I am annoyed that I must ride my bike behind the developments at the marina. Is the lake view only for those who can afford it? I congratulate Congressman Brian Higgins for doing such a fine job facilitating creation of attractive public space along the Outer Harbor. I go there frequently, even in the winter.

If a new building must be erected at the former Freezer Queen site, I would suggest a competition to design something beautiful that fits the site. Buffalo has a history of hiring uninspired architects – I still cringe when I drive by the addition to City Honors. The current Freezer Queen proposal is downright ugly as a freestanding building. It would only fit in with similar towers on the land side of Lake Shore Drive, but even there it would be substandard. A featureless parking ramp at such a lovely site? As Joni Mitchell said, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

Marcelle Mostert, M.D.