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Letter: President needs to stop ignoring the Constitution

President needs to stop ignoring the Constitution

When did our president become our king? Our president thinks that the democratic process is too slow or even irrelevant to him when it doesn’t proceed as he wishes. He just makes a decree or issues an executive order for the whole country to follow. He uses the various departments under his thumb to ensure his royal wishes. Federal money will, of course, be withheld for noncompliance.

What happened to the 10th Amendment? Has he decided that the states have no rights? I see that he doesn’t care for our republic or for his role as public servant. He did say that he would, “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” But this great country was founded on divorcing ourselves from a king because of his rules, decrees and bullying.

We have a Constitution that was fought for and won with the blood of those who came here seeking freedom from tyranny. Our president knows the Constitution very well; he is an expert at tearing it apart and ignoring parts of it. Notice how our many freedoms are disappearing quickly and silently like the wind.

Now is the time to fight against the man who is destroying this great country we call America. Beware of the person in the next election who wishes to follow in the king’s footsteps. Wake up, fellow patriots and see what is happening to your country before it is too late. America doesn’t want a king.

Kathleen Sacilowski