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Letter: Many people can relate to what Clinton endured

Many people can relate to what Clinton endured

Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of playing the women’s card, and of enabling her husband in his affairs. I believe that Clinton needs to put on a gray flannel sweater and have a televised fireside chat with America and put to rest his rambling rants.

She could explain the personal, familiar and national humiliation she endured on a public stage, and survived. I’m sure there was some turmoil in their private lives. She carried on, with her head held high, and became a U.S. senator, secretary of state and a loving grandmother. Sometimes these things happen in relationships. Most Americans can relate in some form.

Maybe she stayed because they share a daughter. Maybe she just loves him. I think Clinton can be forgiven for not finding favor with her husband’s mistresses and/or accusers. She knows things that we don’t.

I believe that if Clinton had this talk with the nation, she might not shut up this philandering playboy, but she would pick up many, many more votes. She would pick up the votes of the many political wives who painfully stood by their man while he confessed to his transgressions, and maybe even the votes of Ivana Trump and Marla Maples.

Patricia R. Jones