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Larry David, Randy Smith, a silly WBEN poll and other Twitter highlights

I don’t tweet as often as Donald Trump, but I send enough tweets during a week @StillTalkinTV that I’ve decided to unveil a new wrinkle in this blog.

On periodic Mondays, I plan to unveil my Top 10 tweets that didn’t make the blog in a week or appear in print.

Let’s call this experiment My Tweet Monday or MTM. I am naming it after the old MTM production company founded by actress Mary Tyler Moore and her then-husband Grant Tinker. It produced some of the best TV shows in television history, including “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “The Bob Newhart Show,” “Lou Grant,” “St. Elsewhere” and “Hill Street Blues.”

Because you get only 140 characters in a tweet, I will explain some of the tweets further.

In any event, here are my Top 10 Tweets from last week. If you want to get them when they are sent, I suggest you become a follower at @StillTalkinTV

  1. Why can't the NBA have a blowout game when it starts at 9 rather than 8 when it is easier to stay up until the end? Good nite Warriors

Seriously, I settle in to watch the second half Sunday around 9:15 p.m. knowing the game will end at the reasonable time of 10:30 p.m. or so and see the game is most likely over as Oklahoma City has a 72-47 halftime lead over Golden State. That was too early to go to sleep. Generally, these NBA games end around 11:30 p.m. or midnight.

  1. No surprise here: Buffalo 7th in Preakness ratings among 56 NBC affiliates. Was 6th for Derby

When it comes to watching big horse races, Western New York is all in.

  1. Just saw an ad for Time Warner Cable, which supposedly no longer exists here now that Charter owns it.

It apparently will take a while for the new owner to establish itself here and stop the confusion over who owns it and what changes will be made. If it fixes the DVR problem that often results in me missing the ends of programs, I’m all in for Charter.

  1. Who won't miss Bernie on SNL next fall? I mean Larry as Bernie. Never gets old. The sketch, not Bernie. He is old

Larry David playing Bernie Sanders has been one of the highlights of “Saturday Night Live” this season. It was again in Saturday’s season finale. Unless Bernie somehow gets the Democratic nomination instead of Hillary Clinton, David’s time on “SNL” should be over since the show doesn’t return with new episodes until the fall. Maybe that will give David time to write new episodes of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

  1. To readers of today's column. LMN must have changed the date of  “A Mother's Revenge” to 7 pm May 30. It had been scheduled tonight

Sorry if I disappointed anyone Saturday, but LMN apparently made a last-minute decision to change when that awful movie shot in Buffalo will repeat. I know the wait will be excruciating. But then again so was watching the film.  

  1. Ch4 interviews business owner not impacted by new OT rule rather than a business owner who would be. Really odd.

Attempting to localize the national story about the new rule that requires workers to be paid overtime after they work a certain number of hours, Channel 4 went to a business owner who explained it had no impact on her business. You would have thought it would have been better to interview an owner who was impacted.  

  1. Marv Albert gives late gr8 Buffalo Brave Randy Smith a shout-out as fastest player in his day.

The TNT play-by-play announcer assuredly put some smiles on the faces of old Braves fans watching the Western Conference finals of the NBA when he referenced Smith as one of the fastest player in NBA history during a discussion of the speed of Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbook when he has the ball.

  1. Couldn't be happier for Toronto. And I never thought I would type that. Seriously, NBA fans there deserve it

I was glad to see the Raptors make the Eastern Conference finals in a game 7 win over Miami even if it make me recall the time that the only way Toronto saw a NBA game live decades ago was when the Braves played one there.

  1. I don't get y dad would buy his daughter McDonald's food because she didn’t have time to eat at her wedding. Didn't they have any leftovers?

This harmless tweet provoked some controversy. Some followers agreed with me and thought the ad was dumb. But one or two said they didn’t have time to eat at their wedding and there were no leftovers. OK, I get it. But the ad says to me that the bride was so hungry that she was even willing to eat McDonald’s food on her way to her honeymoon.

  1. This is a funny poll. Who wouldn’t want to stop paying a toll?

I laughed when WBEN-AM actually asked people whether it was time to stop paying those Grand Island bridge tolls. I voted no to be contrary. At the time, 87 percent were for stopping paying the toll. I suspect the other 13 percent, like me, have a good sense of humor. I can’t wait until WBEN takes a poll asking if we shouldn’t have to pay any federal income taxes like a certain famous tweeter running for president reportedly was able to pull off in his return decades ago.


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