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City of Niagara Falls gets ready for the summer season, announcing road repairs.

NIAGARA FALLS – Casino revenue is being spent to fill the city’s numerous potholes, Mayor Paul A. Dyster announced Monday.

“We’re making a very robust paving effort this year as we have basically every year since I’ve been mayor,” said Dyster, who began as mayor in 2008. “I’ve made it a priority to use casino revenues to pave our streets. We feel that has been an effort that has been very worthwhile.”

Dyster met with the press at the City Market on Monday to announce plans to spend another $1.16 million in casino funds and $962,689 in consolidated highway improvement funds, to make repairs to 27 streets in the city in 2016.

The Department of Public Work has already completed repairs on the south side of Pine Avenue, he said, from Hyde Park Boulevard to 39th Street; the 500 block of the alley between 10th Street and Memorial Parkway, adjacent to the new Golisano Center; and the Niagara Riverview Trail from the LaSalle waterfront to the Old Stone Chimney.

“That’s very important,” said Dyster of the trail repairs on city property. “We are playing host to three bicycle events in 2016 – the Tour De Cure, Ride for Roswell and the Empire State Ride.”

He said one of the “candidates for the worst street in the city,” Lockport Street, is slated to see repairs in the fall of 2016.

This season, the city plans to also fully reconstruct Portage Avenue, from Walnut Avenue to Niagara Street. This project was put aside last year due to the 72nd Street water main repair project.

Dyster said Portage is also timely due to the $25 million Niagara Lofts redevelopment project planned in the former South Junior High, which fronts on Portage Avenue.

Also, Phase II of Buffalo Avenue, from the I-190 to Cayuga Drive, will go out to bid in June and is expected to begin in August.

The kick off of summer repairs will begin near the City Market, on East and West Market streets from Pine to Elmwood avenues; Dyster noted they were working with business owners to update and revitalize the City Market.

Some other scheduled repairs include:

• The Hyde Park access road – Robbins Drive;

• Madison Avenue from College to Van Rensselaer avenues;

• Morley Avenue from Lewiston Road to Cliff Avenue;

• College Terrace, from College to Madison avenues;

• Aaron Griffon Way, from Center to Beech avenues;

• 13th Street from Grove to Beech avenues;

• Niagara Street from 11th to 13th streets;

• Niagara from 18th to Hyde Park Boulevard.

A list of all the sites and announcement is available on the city website.

Dyster also responded to some unplanned complaints from residents about sidewalk repairs, noting they are spending $400,000 in sidewalk repairs in 2016.