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City Hallways (May 23) Feeling the "itch"

Getting back in the game?
I ran into Vince LoVallo over the  weekend.   The former Buffalo councilman, streets commissioner and chief  of staff in the Masiello Administration had plenty to say about the way Buffalo is being run.


Spending cuts in City Hall are hurting city services, he says. The Buffalo schools remain a huge problem, he continued.

"I'm itching," said LoVallo, 64,who retired  a decade ago.

In other words, he's thinking of getting back in the game, coming out  of retirement and getting involved once  again.

More on the  parking  story
We're still waiting for word from Albany on  whether the  Fruit Belt will get residential  permit parking. Meanwhile  I've been checking around to learn more about the issue.

I learned  the city of Albany has residential permit  parking in some neighborhoods near  the  state Capitol. Residents  pay $20 annually for a parking  pass. They can also get one visitor pass for $5 a year. Businesses in the  parking district can  get up to three passes. They pay $20 annually for each permit. Anyone else can park in the district but only for for up to two hours at a  time.

In  past years,  some  neighbors complained some  residents  were  letting  commuters  use their visitor passes.  The city responded by developing  a computerized license plate registration to replace the sticker program originally used in the program.

In Buffalo, if the state Legislature approves needed enabling legislation, the  proposed Fruit Belt parking plan would designate half the spots as permit  parking for residents, and leave the rest open to the general public. There are  no fees  planned.

Neighborhood News
Lots of neighborhood opposition to a used car lot proposed at 290-300 Kenmore Ave., the site of a former landscaping business.

"We could use a grocery store or a restaurant, not a car dealer please,"one resident wrote to University Councilman Rasheed Wyatt.

"We lost our fight to  have another grocery store in the old (Jubilee)  building for  our seniors residents to walk to, let's  not  lose this fight as well," another wrote.

The plan is on Wednesday's Zoning Board agenda. Also on the agenda:

  • Convert church to multi-family residence at 340 Bird Ave.
  • Establish rear patio at existing bar, 317 Hopkins St.
  • Establish grocery store at 540  Grant St.
  • Establish health care hospitality house, 766 Ellicott St.
  • Establish bottle redemption at 320 Connecticut St.
  • Establish auto repair and  tire  shop 1869 Seneca St.

Today's Calendar Events
Council caucus meeting this afternoon.
Meeting on redevelopment plans for  Shoreline  apartments this evening in City  Hall.

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