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Anchor Bar murder victim had made accusations about child molestation

Two days before his death, murdered Anchor Bar employee Freddie Dizon posted angry messages on his Facebook page as he accused someone of molesting children.

“Go touch ur own kids u [expletive] molester,” Dizon posted Wednesday.

“Keep [expletive] wit me ima tag u in it u [expletive] molester,” went up on his page as well.

And on May 16, he had posted a profile image of a vulgar but much-used two-word insult that The News will not reprint.

The posts seem to mesh with a report by one of Dizon’s Anchor Bar coworkers. Employee Ray Hogue told The Buffalo News on Sunday that Dizon, 32, was in a conflict with someone last week, and the bad blood may have had something to do with one of his young sons.

On Friday, Dizon showed up late for work as a line chef muttering something about being followed, and his unease appeared to be a continuation of a feud he’d been having with someone, Hogue said.

At around 7 p.m. Friday, a masked gunman walked purposefully into the Anchor Bar kitchen, found Dizon and fired shots into his chest at close range. Dizon managed to stagger out into a customer area and then out the door. The father of three was pronounced dead at Erie County Medical Center.

Hogue, who had worked side by side with Dizon for years, was grazed in the back by a bullet or a fragment. He was treated at ECMC and released.

The killer, who kept his face hidden through the attack, ran off. Buffalo police have yet to announce an arrest.

Dizon’s brother, a former Anchor Bar employee now living in Utah, has begun seeking donations for Dizon’s children on the GoFundMe website.

“My brother was murdered in cold blood at his place of employment where he made a living to provide for his three kids,” Danny Gomez wrote in his appeal. “He was such a fun-loving, talented, and good person who didn’t deserve this cowardly senseless tragedy.”

The fatal shooting inside the internationally known tourist destination inspired a City Hall effort to assure the public that Anchor Bar customers are not in danger.

Police Capt. Joseph A. Gramaglia of the Homicide Squad said patrons were not at risk because the shooting occurred in the kitchen. Mayor Byron W. Brown later made similar comments, stating that police told him the shooting “was not random at all.”