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Letter: Watson’s criticism of plan to add bike lanes is foolish

Watson’s criticism of plan to add bike lanes is foolish

Rod Watson’s most recent column was presented in its usual whiny, complaining fashion. Except this time, his targeted villain was overly ridiculous: his contention that the presence of and creation of more bike lanes in area streets is misguided. He states, for example, that he never sees bicyclists on the road when he’s driving. Funny, I see all sorts of bikes on the road, during all seasons of the year and at all times of day. Does he confine his driving strictly to expressways or maybe drive only between the hours of 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.? Just wondering.

Additionally, Watson asserts that roads exist first and foremost for the use of motor vehicles. What about the notion that we all share the road: cars, pedestrians and bikes, and are all entitled to their safe use? Is he completely oblivious to the increased use of bikes not only in our city but all throughout the country as a means of getting around, and as a healthier and more economical alternative to driving a car? And on top of that, he of all people must surely be aware that there are many persons of limited resources who cannot afford to buy a car, and are thus required to either walk, use public transportation, or – get this – ride a bike!

As far as his rants about the problems with congestion caused by too many cars and limited space, how about the obvious solutions of car pooling, biking and public transportation? Bike lanes and enhanced access for bike users is the prevailing trend of the present and future.

Michael Scully